Cresswood Teams Up with Marketplace Chaplains to Enhance Employee Benefits

Cresswood has connected with The Marketplace Chaplains to give employees additional benefits.

The Marketplace Chaplains are the largest and longest continuing provider of workplace chaplains to corporate America today.

Marketplace Chaplains provides a personalized and proactive employee care service through the use of Chaplain Care Teams which are voluntary to use, neutral from company operations and strictly confidential. Male, female and ethnically diverse chaplains are either full time or assignment-based depending on company locations and numbers of employees served. Chaplain teams make regularly scheduled work site visits.  The chaplains come to Marketplace with an average of 20 years of caregiving experience already and have worked in the actual workplace. Many have masters and Doctoral degrees. Many have served as a chaplain in a different setting or role. 

Personalized, brief, regularly scheduled, visits during strategic times, provide visibility, immediate access and relationship building without interfering with work.  The result of the proactive worksite visits are extended conversations with employees away from work, at a coffee shop, a home, a restaurant, or in response to a need at a hospital, senior living community, funeral home or a jail. 

To find out more about Marketplace Chaplains, be sure to visit their website: