• Common Applications

    • Paper Recycling
    • Printing Paper Waste
    • Secure Information Destruction
  • Features

    • Replaceable Anvil Supports and Side Wall Rotor Seals
    • Easy Service Access, V-Rotor Cutterhead Yields Maximum Output
    • Hydraulic Screen Carriage
    • Extreme Duty Gear Box
    • Fluid Clutch
    • Rugged Steel Frame
    • Zero Gap Ram™ Wide UHMW Side & Bottom Bearing Guide Plates
    • Single Cylinder with Linear Alignment Coupler, Prevents any Side Load of Cylinder
    • Optional Precision Machined Grooved Bed Plate with Ram Track™ Guide


  • Specifications XR-2400 P
    Motor HP 150 - 200
    Cutting Chamber 70" x 78"
    Ram Stroke 60"
    Rotor Diameter 24"
    Grinding Head Speed 50-150 rpm
    Frame Thickness 1"
    Shaft Diameter 5.5"
    Mid-Range Hopper Volume 7 Cubic Yards
    Floor Area of Unit 108" x 178"
    Shipping Weight 29,000 lbs.

    * Specifications are subject to change

    ** The output of these machines can be optimized for your application by selecting different screens, amount of cutter teeth, cutter teeth placement, and rotor selection"