Cresswood Helps Local Workers Fight COVID-19

The other day: our President, Ryan Butzman, discovered that we had 130 N95 masks in a few of our supply closets. Ryan is taking the time out of his days and is delivering these masks to our front line workers who need them the most. 

Lin Dargis, chief of Cortland police, was happy to get two boxes of N95 masks from us. These guys are out on the front lines protecting and serving our community, and he didn't have any masks for his officers.


Jennifer Rink, from Kishwaukee Hospital in Sycamore, was happy to receive Cresswood Shredding Machinery's donation of 50 N95 masks this morning.


Please do whatever you can to help and support our front line workers!

While we are helping our front line workers - we are also doing our best to keep ourselves safe. 
DIY shop towel designed face masks and an assortment of more fashionable cotton masks thanks to Chris Makosh! 


Staying safe and remaining positive!

We will get thru this TOGETHER!