Cresswood CEO Jack Cress Roasts Coffee for Those in Need

Barb City Roasters: Picked with care, Roasted with passion, Brewed with love! 

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The idea for Barb City Roasters came from one fantastic cup of coffee. When founder Jack Cress was traveling in Tanzania, Africa he was given a cup of coffee, freshly brewed from beans harvested that very day and roasted just minutes before. It was the best cup of coffee he had ever had. Once he had tasted a cup that good, he couldn't settle for anything less. So he bought 10 pounds of green coffee beans, and bought his first coffee roaster. 

Named after nickname for DeKalb, IL. the town where barbed wire was invented, Barb City Roasters is a small town company through and through. Beginning with founder Jack Cress's first roast in the garage of his home.   

The Company is growing and becoming known to this day! Barb City Roasters is a company with a mission, a ministry, kind, loving & a giving mission. Barb City Roasters loves the community and is excited to see where God takes the company. Just like Joseph Glidden and his dream, Barb City Roasters mission is to keep giving back and to share Gods word and love. Joseph Glidden used a coffee grinder to create the first barbed wire; Barb City Roasters is using coffee to bring people together from around the world and to give back to those most in need. 

Coffee with a mission

Coffee is a conduit Barb City Roasters uses to bring people together from around the world.  Our coffee is delicious, but also has a mission: to serve those most in need.  100% of Barb City Roasters profits are donated to support people in need of housing, clean water, and food around the world.  We are passionate about our coffee and compassionate about helping others.  

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