Grinding & Shredding 101

At Cresswood, single shaft, low rpm, high torque wood grinders, paper shredders, and plastic shredders are our business. Single shaft, low RPM, high torque grinders/shredders are most successful in the 200-20,000 pound per hour volume range. We make two styles of machines at Cresswood: hopper-fed and horizontal-fed. In each style of grinder/shredder we make there are many different models to choose from to accommodate different volume levels, materials, material sizes, and desired outcome of the ground material.

A hopper-fed grinder or shredder is used for "dump and go" operations, can handle large pieces of material, uses a ram to push material towards the cutterhead, and is used for centrally located grinding/shredding. Common material ground in hopper-fed style grinders includes: pallets, crates, cutoffs, end trims, blocks, automotive parts, rotary molded parts, mixed plastics, and all forms of paper.

A horizontal-fed grinder or shredder is used for streamlined applications, can handle long pieces of material, uses a vibrating conveyor to carry material to the feed roller, the feed roller pulls the material into the cutting chamber, and is used for linear or zone grinding applications. Common material ground in horizontal-fed style grinders includes: rippings, trim, pallets, cutoffs, end trims, blocks, plastic sheets, plastic lumber, and plastic trim. Horizontal-fed grinders/shredders are rarely used in paper applications; however, some customers have found that these machines work well in their specific paper shredding applications.

We make all different sizes of hopper-fed/horizontal-fed grinders and shredders to meet our customer's unique needs. This page features articles to explain how different grinding technologies work, where the different grinding technologies perform best, and other helpful information to help educate you on the grinding/shredding industry.