• Common Applications

    • Pallets / Crates
    • Particle Board
    • Blocks / End Cuts
    • Rippings
  • Features

    • Replaceable Anvil Supports
    • Drive Package
    • Counterweight
    • Variable Speed Feed Roll
    • Standard 12' Vibrating Conveyor
    • Exclusive Counterweighted Drive Roll Package
    • Rugged Steel Structure Frame
    • Spherical Roller Bearings
    • Easy Service Access, Destroyer Cutterhead Yields Maximum Output


  • Specs

    Specifications EF-30LR
    HP 60, 75
    Infeed Conveyor 12' Vibrating
    Grinding Head Diameter 16"
    Grinding Head Length 30"
    Grinding Head Speed 400-600 rpm
    Number of Cutter Teeth 42
    Floor Area of Unit 60" x 168"
    Input Capacity 7.5" x 30"
    Frame Thickness
    Shipping Weight 7,500 lbs.

    * Specifications are subject to change

    ** The output of these machines can be optimized for your application by selecting different screens, amount of cutter teeth, cutter teeth placement, and rotor selection"


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