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    Pallet manufacturers and pallet companies are faced with significant challenges. Companies are paying more for landfill and raw material costs. Many of our pallet customers are continually seeking better and smarter ways to recycle pallets because the cost of dumping and disposing of pallet scrap has increased 300% over the last five years.

    For pallet companies searching for on-site pallet recycling equipment, the wood grinder must be incredibly durable and long-lasting. Cresswood helps companies across the country address these specific equipment and operational challenges:

    • Elimination of high tipping & landfill spend
    • Improve material flow and increase floor space
    • Adoption of "Zero-Waste" environmental initiatives
    • Conversion of wood waste into highly desirable by-products
    • Reliable and robust solutions built specifically for pallet recycling

    Our pallet recycling experts can demonstrate how to increase profitability by recycling unwanted pallets and therefore maximizing the total value within every pallet core. By using Cresswood's low RPM industrial wood grinder, pallet companies can eliminate the pains associated with expensive scrap disposal by converting unwanted expenses into sought-after by-products like mulch, animal bedding, bio-fuel, or filler for composite materials.

    Cresswood provides robust solutions for on-site pallet grinding and pallet shredding for pallet manufacturers and companies across the US and Canada. Cresswood's team and equipment are leaders in pallet recycling and we've been a proud member of The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association since 1993. Cresswood earns the trust of companies who recycle wood pallets and industrial dunnage.

    Cresswood designs and manufactures world-class pallet grinders built for long-lasting success in your extreme environment. Cresswood delivers:

    • Trust - we live by a commitment to our values
    • Made in America equipment (engineering to manufacturing)
    • Over 70-years combined experience servicing low-RPM industrial wood grinders
    • Expert on-site support, including next day, on-site service
    • In-house engineering and manufacturing

    Cresswood believes caring for and stewarding our natural resources is a top priority. That's why we are so passionate about helping our customers achieve their zero-waste initiatives.

    Cresswood is a midwestern company with in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing. We have a long history of metal fabrication and understand that our equipment operates in very tough conditions. That's why we use an employee-driven continuous improvement process that integrates feedback from our customers and staff.

    To help pallet companies and pallet manufacturers reach their zero-waste initiatives, Cresswood designs, manufactures, and installs quality-engineered dump-and-go vertical grinders and robust horizontal grinders. The equipment can safely and efficiently recycle pallets, while achieving consistent size chip geometry that meets end-user specifications.

    We design our equipment to run in the toughest pallet recycling environments. That's why we train and deploy our service team to ensure every customer is up and running. Our Service Team's skills include:

    • Over 70-years combined experience servicing low-RPM single-shaft grinders
    • 100% prompt, courteous, and professional customer care
    • Complete welding, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems expertise
    • Advanced industrial electrical system diagnosis and troubleshooting
    • Allen Bradley PLC and VFD programming

    Bottom line, Cresswood helps pallet companies recycle wood pallets consistently, which reduces waste, eliminates disposal costs, and generates secondary revenue streams by selling the waste wood by-products. We proudly stand behind every pallet grinder we sell to ensure your investment runs consistently, year after year.

    Finding a durable and dependable pallet grinder and shredder is essential under the harsh recycling environments used to recycle unwanted pallets. Cresswood is your experienced manufacturer with quality industrial wood grinders designed and made in the USA.

    Cresswood actively works with pallet companies to help them achieve zero-waste initiatives by providing quality on-site wood pallet grinders. If you're ready to get the most value out of every broken pallet core, eliminate high tipping & landfill fees, and want to create secondary revenue streams from waste wood by-products, contact us to start a conversation to see how we can help you improve your business and preserve our natural resources.

  • ----app-wood-FCAEF60038RET.jpgWOOD APPLICATIONS

    Cresswood has years of experience helping sawmill, millwork, flooring, cabinetry, truss, wall panel, window and fixture companies tackle their scrap and material handling challenges. Cresswood's exclusive Ever-New and Destroyer technologies allow for more throughput, longer tooling life, less downtime, high service factor, extreme longevity and easy service access for maintenance. Cresswood's solutions can help your company be more profitable by reducing hauling/tipping costs, material handling/labor costs, clearing valuable real estate of scrap waste and converting your wood scrap into a value-added salable material.

  • ----app-plastics-P9260081.jpgPLASTICS RECYCLING

    As a plastics manufacturer or recycler, Cresswood specifically engineers primary shredders for all types of plastic recycling. We know that pre-shredding is a critical stage in all successful plastic recycling operations, and the choice of equipment must be durable, powerful, easy to maintain.

    Cresswood's plastic recycling equipment is quickly adjustable to achieve smooth and uninterrupted material flow to downstream plastic processing. Our equipment is safe to operate, easy to clean and maintain. Cresswood's plastic recycling customers achieve high-quality, recycled plastic through our engineered design resulting in uniform particle sizes.

    Recycling plastics from many industries includes:

    • Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) - Creating an efficient zero-waste operation means having the ability to re-introduce long, linear scrap back into granular form. Cresswood's plastic shredders provide a no touch zone grinding at the waste source is what you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

    • Polyethylene (PET) - 1.5 billion pounds of used PET bottles and containers are recycled in the US every year, making it the most recycled plastic in America. It can be repurposed again and again for use in new PET products, making it a highly desired material for recyclers to process. Maintaining profitable operations means finding a dependable plastic pre-shredder for your in-line processing with the lowest cost of ownership and best ROI.

    • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - Thick walled PVC piping is absolutely brutal on your pre-shredder; you need the peace of mind only an extreme-duty shredding machine can deliver, one designed to perform flawlessly for years under these demanding conditions.

    • Polypropylene (PP) - Polypropylene is tough yet very flexible, with a relatively low melting point, factors that make pre-shredding this material a particular challenge. Only about 1% of this material is actually recycled, which means most of it heads directly to landfill after use. Cresswood knows exactly how polypropylene can be recycled and repurposed.

    • Polystyrene (PS) - Maintaining consistent output without overheating the processed material is essential. If temperatures exceed 200-degrees F material will soften and at 230-degrees F will melt, essentially shutting down the primary shredder and exposing you to expensive downtime and repairs. Cresswood provides options for air boost to assist material evacuation and a cutterhead capable of coupling to a chilled water supply for these tough applications.

    • High-Density Polypropylene (HDPE) - Massive purges present a difficult challenge as they are not suited for granulation and can quickly destroy inferior primary shredders. You need a robust plastic shredding machine designed to handle vertical loading of heavy purgings with the power, durability, and dependability to pre-shred this material for granulation.

    • Low-Density Polypropylene (LDPE) - Softer, more flexible, and with a lower melting point than its cousin HDPE, LDPE makes an ideal material for thin bags and wraps. To shred this material, you need a cutter-head with counter-knives specially designed to prevent it from wrapping around and stopping the rotor.

    • Manufacturing large HDPE plastic injection, blow and rotational molded parts requires a proven solution for shredding large, bulky rejects that cannot be put directly into your granulator.

    Performance Requirements for Primary Plastic Shredders
    Cresswood designs, engineers and manufactures robust and durable pre-shedders and shredders that includes these performance requirements:

    • Safe, quick, and easy cleanouts between colors with hydraulic drop-down screens
    • Modular screens available in a range of perforation sizes to achieve a variety of uniform particle sizes from the same pre-shredder
    • Fully-machined ram designed to withstand the daily punishments of vertical loading massive purgings
    • Predictable, uniform, and uninterrupted material flow to secondary processes
    • Total in-line system success from pre-shredder to material conveyance to granulation
    • Machine protection features that defend your investment from hard-stop incidents
    • Readily available parts, tooling, and service to maximize system uptime and lower cost of operation
    • Industry expertise earned from a long history of winning applications

    Cresswood Primary Plastic Shredders and Grinders Made in the USA
    Cresswood is a family-owned, Midwestern company with solid core values - we put the customer first and listen to what you need in a primary plastics shredder. Partnering with a midwestern supplier gives you the peace of mind of quickly getting the parts, tooling, and service you need in a matter of days instead of weeks from an overseas supplier. Cresswood has been a tool & die machine builder for well over half a century, and is the oldest manufacturer of single shaft low-RPM plastic shredders in the United States. Our machines are precision-made and have successfully ground millions of tons of plastics over the last 20 years, including Polypropylene (PP5) and Polystyrene (PS6). In fact, our very first plastic machine is still working hard out in the field. Over the years, we've made constant improvements to our industrial plastic shredders by integrating actual feedback from plastics manufacturers and recyclers just like you.

    Experts in Plastic Recycling with Vertical or Horizontal grinders
    Whether it's a dump-and-go vertical grinder or a robust horizontal grinder, our sales team can help you pinpoint the right application for your specific plastic recycling requirements; including:

    • Drop-down screens for safe & easy cleaning
    • Material conveyance
    • Meeting stringent output particle size and uniformity requirements
    • Successful pairing with in-line secondary systems
    • Optimizing machine protection features
    • Fully precision-machined ram vs competitor's suspended ram
    • Grooved floor guards ram against thin material jamming

    American-made Shredding Equipment and Fast Turn Around for Parts and Service
    We understand that a dependable and adaptable machine that's easy to operate, clean, and maintain is what you demand in a primary plastic shredding system. Cresswood is a quality American-made product from a full-service manufacturer, offering a complete package of in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales capabilities.

    The Cresswood service team represents the gold-standard in the industry, and stands behind every single shaft industrial plastic shredder we sell, keeping your investment running for years.

    • Over 70-years combined experience servicing low-rpm plastic shredders
    • Quickly help troubleshoot and resolve problems on site or over the phone
    • Accurately identify and ship out the tooling and parts you need, often the same day
    • Provide seamless startups, in-depth training, and top-notch service for the lifetime of your plastics recycling equipment.
    • Lowest total cost of ownership by minimizing your downtime - at Cresswood a down machine is always our highest priority!

    Cresswood's Leading Plastic Shredding Equipment Manufacturer
    Cresswood's business is built on providing plastics recycling customers a total system solution; from our line of quality primary shredders, to material conveyance linking multiple in-line processes, all the way to granulation. We know that the total success of your in-line system depends on your pre-shredder presenting a uniform and consistent material flow to your secondary processes.

    • In-house design and manufacturing of customized solutions guarantees you get exactly what you want, built with Cresswood quality and the shortest lead times.
    • Heavy-Duty fully machined ram - heaviest in the industry and designed to take the hard impact of top-loading massive purges.
    • Ever-New(C) technology - Quick changeovers of quality parts and tooling keeps your machine performing in factory-new condition. We make our own tooling and parts and maintain a huge inventory for same-day delivery.
    • Hydraulic drop-down screen operation makes cleanouts safer than an overhead design, and operator-friendly for rapid changeovers between colors or different materials.
    • Modular 180-degree wrap-around screen design - 33% more active screen area than the competition = highest output-to-HP ratio combined with the lowest cost of repair.
    • V-Rotor cutter head - Designed and manufactured for high output and maximum durability, with diameters up to 24" and customizable configurations that satisfy a wide range of plastic shredding applications.
    • Exclusive SHUR-TIGHT™ spring-retention system - protects and maintains gearbox and drivetrain integrity while significantly lowering cost of ownership over time.
    • Rexnord Gearbox - Super-tough, high-torque heart of our powerful drivetrain from the world leader in motion control technology. American-made quality in a fully-machined box.
    • Over 70-years combined experience servicing low-RPM industrial plastic grinders, you simply cannot find deeper, more capable, or more professional expertise than the Cresswood service team delivers.
    • Machine protection - Load and temp sensors; metal detection; and fluid clutch with proximity sensor helps protect expensive drivetrain components in the event of tramp metal or hard stop incidents.
    • Made-to-order screens in a wide range of perforations to satisfy every uniformity and particle size requirement.
    • Counterweight feed roll system - gives our horizontal shredders outstanding output characteristics, maximum versatility, and lowest maintenance costs.
    • Recycling for a better world - we are absolutely passionate about helping companies achieve their zero-waste initiatives.

    Discover how recycling plastics with Cresswood's Primary Shredders improves your operations
    Finding an adaptable, dependable, and durable primary shredder that's easy to clean, operate, and maintain is absolutely essential in maximizing your plastic recycling systems' overall performance and profitability. Cresswood is your experienced single-shaft plastics shredder manufacturer with quality products designed and manufactured right here in the USA.

    Schedule a Zoom meeting or remote visit today to meet our team and see our midwestern manufacturing facility. We're happy to show you the superb quality and detailed craftsmanship that goes into every Cresswood shredder we build. We can also send you a detailed video of your material being ground and mail you out samples of the output so you can see and feel the results first-hand.

    Cresswood actively works with plastics manufacturing and recycling companies to help them achieve homogeneous material flow to their secondary processes, even in the toughest applications. If you're ready to get the most value out of your plastics manufacturing or recycling operation, contact our plastics shredding experts and let us earn the right to be your next shredding equipment supplier. Talk with us today to see how we can provide a total solution for your plastic recycling needs.

  • ----app-paper-Gateway02.jpgPAPER APPLICATIONS

    Cresswood shredders are designed for the unique requirements of both document destruction and paper recycling applications. For document destruction, our machines produce a uniform NAID certified product. For paper recycling, Cresswood shredders are built to handle any challenge thrown at them, like that time of day when all of your trucks show up full of product. We also offer material handling solutions for in-feed and out-feed as well to provide you a complete solution for the unique requirements of your operations. Another unique feature of our technology is the ability to simultaneously shred different grades of material and blend them to the desired outcome. We can customize our machines according to your needs and help you be more profitable and successful.