Cresswood understands the unique requirements of the pallet business better than any other grinder manufacturer in the world. Our machines have been designed to help customers reduce material handling costs, mitigate tipping/hauling costs, clear valuable real estate of stored scrap, separate metal to add to your bottom line, and create value-added wood fiber that can be sold or used for fuel.

    Our machines are ruggedly built to take the abuse that pallet grinding inflicts on a machine over the long-haul. We understand that in order for you to get those new profitable accounts, you have to take on more scrap. In a sense, you become a trash hauler for your customer. Cresswood grinders can help you handle that scrap so you can gain those new accounts. We are an active member in NWPCA and highly value our relationships in the pallet industry. If you are looking for a grinder, give us a call and find out why so many pallet companies put their trust in Cresswood.

  • ----app-wood-FCAEF60038RET.jpgWOOD APPLICATIONS

    Cresswood has years of experience helping sawmill, millwork, flooring, cabinetry, truss, wall panel, window and fixture companies tackle their scrap and material handling challenges. Cresswood's exclusive Ever-New and Destroyer technologies allow for more throughput, longer tooling life, less downtime, high service factor, extreme longevity and easy service access for maintenance. Cresswood's solutions can help your company be more profitable by reducing hauling/tipping costs, material handling/labor costs, clearing valuable real estate of scrap waste and converting your wood scrap into a value-added salable material.

  • ----app-plastics-P9260081.jpgPLASTIC SHREDDERS

    Top-level owners in the plastic industry have told us that "every plastic recycler needs a single-shaft shredder to be competitive in the industry." Cresswood shredders are built to take large, difficult to grind plastics and shred them before they enter your grinder. These products include purge, rolls, sheets, pipe, film, large pieces from rotary molding and nearly any other plastic material including glass-filled polycarbonate.

    Our single-shaft shredders are second to none in the plastic industry. With features like drop-down screen carriages, Cresswood shredders are built to be easily cleaned and serviced as you change your product shredding run without major downtime. Match that with rugged construction, long tooling wear life, single source manufacturing, and superior service, and you've got a partner you can count on years to come.

    If you are a plastic manufacturer, a Cresswood shredder gives you the ability to get valuable material back into your production processes. If you are a plastic recycler, a Cresswood shredder gives you the ability to take in all of that material you couldn't without a shredder. Bottom line is that Cresswood shredders get the job done, and that directly impacts your bottom line.

  • ----app-paper-Gateway02.jpgPAPER APPLICATIONS

    Cresswood shredders are designed for the unique requirements of both document destruction and paper recycling applications. For document destruction, our machines produce a uniform NAID certified product. For paper recycling, Cresswood shredders are built to handle any challenge thrown at them, like that time of day when all of your trucks show up full of product. We also offer material handling solutions for in-feed and out-feed as well to provide you a complete solution for the unique requirements of your operations. Another unique feature of our technology is the ability to simultaneously shred different grades of material and blend them to the desired outcome. We can customize our machines according to your needs and help you be more profitable and successful.